MHRA Medication Recall – Orion Salbutamol Easyhaler

If you use an Easyhaler Salubtamol Sulfate 100mcg per actuation device, made by ORION (only) please can you check the following information on your device and/or its packaging?

Batch Number 2009598  Expiry 04/2023 (first distributed 15.09.2020)

Batch number 2016511  Expiry 04/2023 (first distributed 28.09.2020)

If your inhaler has either of these batch numbers and expiry dates, please return it to where it was dispensed to you, for a replacement.  It has been noted that there were some moulding defects in the plastic chamber where the powder is stored.  This means that there may be a minor loss of inhalation powder (via these holes) when the device is used.  The manufacturers have confirmed that “the devices will continue to function correctly with no impact on patient safety”.

Further information:  01635 520300 or email

Thank you