Extra Covid Vaccination Clinics

We are adding more Covid-19 vaccination clinics as and where we can to try and meet the national directive.  The first of our extra clinics starts tomorrow (Weds 15th Dec – currently fully booked) and there will be more to follow.  Please wait for us to contact you about making your appointment.  Calling about these clinics ties up the lines and emergency calls cannot get through.  Thank you.

When we are running these clinics, we lose several members of surgery staff to help.  For an average vaccination clinic, we lose two doctors, four of the nursing team, some of the dispensers / receptionists and all of our admin team.

We are still running the surgery at the same time as these extra weekday Covid clinics, however please bear in mind we will be on a reduced staffing level therefore it may take longer to get through on the ‘phone and you may not be able to see a particular Clinician when you want to.  We are all working flat out to make sure our patients receive the care they need: staff are cancelling their holidays to help out.  So if the calls take longer to be answered or you cannot immediately get what you want, please do not abuse the staff.  None of this is of their making.

Thank you for your patience.