Nursing Team


Anne Pragnell – Lead Nurse, specialising in Family Planning

Kerry Scrutton – Specialising in Asthma and COPD

Fernie Isogon – Specialising in Diabetes

Emma Luckwell

The nursing team deals with a range of conditions and health concerns and are experts in many areas of disease management including asthma, COPD, diabetes and hypertension. Our Acute Illness Nurse, Sister Anne Pragnell, also holds acute illness clinics twice weekly. The Nurse sees a variety of conditions during the clinics including rashes, muscle pains, respiratory problems, tummy aches, infections and temperatures. If you feel you need to seek medical advice for your illness you will be offered an appointment with the Acute Illness Nurse if appropriate. They work alongside the Acute Illness Doctor so that additional advice can be sought if necessary and, where required, prescriptions issued for patients. As an Acute Illness Nurse, Anne is not able to treat babies under 1 year or patients with mental health issues

Healthcare Assistants

Kate Baker

Alison Breslin

Healthcare Assistant services include:
Blood Pressure + ECG Monitoring
Hearing Tests
B12/Shingles/Flu + Pneumonia Injections
Wound Management, Dressings and Doppler Readings
Diabetic Foot Check + Life Style advice


Debra Elliott

Jacqui Amos

Our Phlebotomists, or HCAs, hold clinics each morning for patients needing blood tests.